Lawn Sprinklers

Lawn SprinklersHave you ever wondered what it would be like without having to water the lawn every day? At TechEcoHome we can make your life easier by installing and maintaining a lawn sprinkler system that is specially designed for the needs of your yard.
Our company offers a variety of different lawn sprinklers, and with our expert help, you can choose which one will make caring for your lawn even easier. If your green area is rather large and uniform, the best option for you is rotor sprinklers; rotating streams of water back and forth or in circles over the landscape.  On the contrary, if your yard has a smaller size, it is best to install spray heads which spray a fan-shaped pattern of water. Also, you can choose between Pop-up style lawn sprinklers, which are safer and nicer, or shrub style sprinklers, above the ground on top of a pipe.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance required for lawn sprinklers is low, and the system only needs to be checked twice a year, however you will not have to worry about it because our experienced team will do it for you.

In the spring, our technicians will inspect all parts of the irrigation system, looking for any damaged or broken parts and ensuring that the lawn sprinkler system will work at its best performance. Moreover, any re-arrangement, addition, or change will be made if necessary. Lastly, we will program the system for the new season.

Before winter time, an experienced technician will blow the water from the valves, heads, and pipes using an air compressor, ensuring that there is no moisture in the system.

Benefits of Lawn Sprinklers

  • Save time: No need to spend time watering, the system will do it for you!
  • Save money: Water your lawn efficiently, rather not wasting water.
  • Have a healthier and nicer lawn: Say goodbye to brown patches and hello to a greener lawn.

If you’re ready to save time and have the watering done for you, call us!